Why Breast Cancer Awareness is So Important

Breast cancer something every woman is afraid of; particularly because it shows no signs and symptoms in its early stage, except for the formation of a lump underarm which is not at all painful except for in some cases it might give a prickly feeling. Gradually, with time it grows and starts showing its sign and symptoms. Symptoms of breast cancer include, pain or tenderness of the breast, change in its size, rash,  nipple retraction, itchy feeling or burning sensation and clear or bloody  liquid pouring out of the nipples etc.

Changes in the Breast May or May Not be Alarming

Changes in the breast may be natural or an anomaly. It is important to keep a check on it. In case of appearance of any of the symptoms, the doctor must be consulted immediately because the more it is delayed the more it gets complicated. Early cancer can be easily treated, whereas carelessness may even lead to death if the cancer spreads beyond the breast.


Treatments and its Various Methods

There are many ways of prevention and treatment about breast cancer awareness. A regular check-up, especially if it’s in your genes is the best precautionary measure; however, treatment can be done through procedures depending upon the stage and strength of breast cancer. Like other cancers, it is treated with radiations, chemotherapy,  hormonal therapy and in most cases the tumor is removed through a surgical procedure.

To check whether the lump is just a cyst or it has become a cancer and as a precautionary measure, clinical tests are done by different methods. Most common methods include biopsy or mammography. However Dr. David Watmough took a wonderful initiative spreading  awareness of breast cancer. He invented a device called Breastlight through which, a woman can examine her breast anytime and anywhere. It comprises of a strong LED red light through which, every vein and other vessels are clearly visible.  In case of Breast cancer a small spot becomes visible, even its very tiny in size. This enables the woman to take action right on time, it brings confidence in her as she feels safe and aware of her condition. Millions of lives are being significantly saved by this procedure and due to their complete awareness about breast cancer. As a good citizen it becomes our duty to be properly aware and spread the word of mouth to other friends and families.

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