Breastlight Reviews And Breast Cancer Screening Device

In 2007 PWB Health Ltd was founded to introduce some useful health care products specially designed for home base use purpose. The company won both NEXXUS and SCOTTISH Enterprise “Most Promising Life Science Company of the Year” awards.

PWB Health Ltd already introduced one of their best product in the market which is “Breast Light”. This device allows you to see your breast tissues. Basically, this is a powerful light which helps you to see breast tissue and also help to identify the infected area.  We provide this device around the world almost 80% of women have told us that they feel more self-confident.

Breastlight Screening Device is totally safe product and very easy to use for everyone. When you check your breast in dark room you will see vessels as dark line these are normal. When someone feels changes in breast then “Breast light” is the perfect choice to initially check mammary gland for keeping yourself away from the major threat and sustain good women’s health.


How Breastlight Works Properly:

For best results, you must need to use this device in the dark room that will help to easily see your inside breast tissues. During light passes through breast tissues it shows dark areas that show blood presence but when you see a dark cluster that should check out.

This device can be used by women of all ages when the density of breast tissues has changed. This is not only the torch it can distinguish between the normal breast tissues were blood present in vessels and also indicate some abnormalities. By the using of red light for the best contrast to show you complete detail of your breast tissues. An innovative product no harmless rays in this device and you can easily use this as you like with no side effects.

Professional’s Review About Breastlight:

Diane thought “the product could be useful as an addition to a wider breast awareness routine & anything that actually encourages people to check their own bodies is a really good thing.”

Ms. Beale said, “It’s a tool for women to use in their home as part of their breast awareness routine.”

PWB Health Ltd. says Breastlight improves the rates of breast self-examination and helps women take their health into their own hands. We also highlighted clinical evidence that backs up their claims of Breastlight’s effectiveness. Breast light’s website and press materials also cite extensive studies and data supporting its efficacy.

Since going on sale 20,000 Breast lights have been sold to retail and medical outlets worldwide. They’re on sale in 12 countries and in 650 Boots stores across the UK. There are concerns that women using the Breastlight at home are expected to understand and compare changes they spot from month to month.

Breast light’s makers have told us they make it clear in their literature that they don’t encourage women to use the Breastlight as a diagnostic tool to look for cancer, but as a useful addition to their breast awareness routine, and thousands of women use it in this way.Doctors do not expect the torch to be used in hospitals but they recommend thousands of women who are uncomfortable about performing monthly breast checks.

Dr. Sarah Burnett, consultant radiologist at King Edward VII Hospital, London, a Breastlight is not a substitute for a mammography, but it is a useful resource. “It works by shining a light through breast tissue,” she explains. “The red light illuminates the red blood cells so that they appear black. Practically, it means you can see all the blood vessels in the breast clearly, like a road map.”

A nurse friend offered her a Breastlight in April 2014. Janette says: “Three months after I first tried it, I found two new dark patches on my right breast. I couldn’t feel anything. But I didn’t panic. I knew that even if they were cancerous, they would have been caught early.”

Dr. Lesley Walker, director of cancer information at Cancer Research UK, agrees that women should not rely on Breastlight. She said: “There is no clear evidence to show this sort of home-testing kit could reliably detect breast cancer. There’s a danger that use of the device could leave some women with increased levels of anxiety and others with false reassurance.”


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