Initial risk factors which may cause breast cancer

As you know Breast cancer ratio is increasing day by day across the globe which is not a good sign .Therefore many NGO’s and organization are working on it. The primary objective of these institutions is to provide breast cancer awareness to the people about breast cancer and how to take safety measures to reduce its expansion.

First we look upon that, what is breast cancer and how it is created in chest?

What breast cancer means?

Actually breast cancer is instigated, when your abnormal tissue cells started to increases widely. The main concern is that these cells travels to other body organs and make further damage. But its detection in early stage can help you to treat it successfully. Breast tumors can be successfully treated, if it is identified at earlier stage. But once it is scattered in the whole body then the chances of full recovery becomes difficult. Perhaps it depends on the level of cancer that how much its effect the other organ/body.

How Breast Cancer develops its roots in chest

Normally the germs of cancer initially develop in breast tissues like in glands and milk vessels. Basically it is started inside breast, but if someone has not concentrated towards this disease at beginning phase then it can harm your other body parts as well like, liver, lungs, etc. Breast cancer usually develop in the form of small tumor which spreads to the lymph nodes or by blood stream in the body.

Ratio of breast cancer possibility in different age groups

The ratio of Breast cancer has more weight-age in women’s as compared to men’s. According to a research statistic example for clear understanding, that if eight women live up to an age of 80 to 85, so probably may be one of them will face breast cancer in her lifetime. Some of them  affected with it  over the age of 50, and the majority of the remaining women diagnosed with breast cancer are between the ages of about  39 to 40.The age ratio can slightly be less or more according to their health as well.


Risk factors

This intense level of disease is a big worry for women’s that how they can save themselves from it, that why women’s try different medicals therapies and high toxic medicine as well which might be risky for your health .I am going to explain some initial factors which may lead you toward positive direction that which things should be kept in mind.

Symbols of Breast Tumor

The main signs of this disease are breast lump, severe pain in breast, or tenderness is  frequently caused by less severe conditions, a breast lump, pain, and tenderness are frequently the things which is mostly related with breast cancer.

Some Other symptoms of breast cancer are mentioned in below points:

  • nipple discharge or retraction of the nipple may also be one of the concern
  • enlargement of one breast show some signs of it
  • dimpling of the breast surface
  • an “orange peel” texture to the skin also point out it
  • vaginal pain
  • unintentional weight loss could be one of the reason
  • visible veins on the breast

If you experience any of these points then, you should consult a doctor.

    Family Heredity

One of the cause of Breast cancer in women’s might be close blood relatives having germs of this disease. Which means inhertage of blood line may also contain these viruses

Special Days (periods)

chest tumor is also related to those women’s whose periods began in the early age like under age of 12 or stoppage of menses after the age of 55  have a minor increased risk of breast cancer

Breast radiation early in life:

Those women’s who  had been done radiation therapy to the chest area means to say for some other affected area (cancer) as a child  or young adult have a greatly increased risk of breast cancer ratio.

No child’s or having them but in late age

If a women who don’t have children or have them but in the later age like after 35, or had their first child after age 30, have marginally higher risk of breast cancer. But Being pregnant many times or pregnant at younger age overcome breast cancer risk.

Treatment methodology

Treatment of this cancer depends on the level of its stage. Some doctors suggest breast light screening device which allows you to check the tumor in breast vessels to handle it at early stage.  Apart from that some of the key practices which doctors and specialists use and suggest for its handling


In this method of treatment the removal of the tumor while leaving the breast intact


While in some cases depending on the condition of patients apply mastectomy in which surgical removal of all breast tissue including the tumor and connecting tissue as well


The most common cancer treatment, chemotherapy which uses anticancer drugs to delay with cells ability to reproduce according to it

Radiation laser:

Another standard in the fight against cancer, is radiation laser treatment that uses X-rays to directly treat this disease

Hormone and targeted therapy:

That type of technique applies when either genes or hormones play active part in the cancer’s growth.

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