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Breast cancer during at their early stage requires some essential food to increase the immunity power of your body in order to fight against the virus (cancer). When we look towards the ratio of breast cancer, which is growing day by day, although many organizations and NGOs are working on it. But in-spite of all this it is not quite enough, because most of the affected people still do not have an idea that which diet and nutrition’s are good for them

As you know there are different stages of breast cancer and each stage has its own precautions and treatments. The further you goes towards next stage the chances of recovery becomes minimum. So it’s a healthy advice that you should keep in touch with concern doctors in order to get acknowledged, that you are safe or not. if you feel any symptoms of breast cancer which I had explained in my previous article named “initial risk factors which may cause breast cancer” then immediately make initials tests, or you can also try the alternative method in the form of breastlight self-exam device for testing earlier stage of mammary gland, which permits you to check your breast with confidence that tumor is there or not. You can bitterly understand all this with the help of this below picture as well.

First of all I must clarify that I am not a doctor, a scientist, or a medical researcher.  But common sense prevailed in my research that convinced me to write it after a great study and talking with different related health doctors and experts.

Now I am in the position to explain that which food nutrition’s and exercises are useful and necessary at earlier stage of this disease.



According to a research based case study, which was published about 5 year ago in which The scientists explore that by eating mushroom with your meal overcome the chances of breast cancer in women’s .If you want to keep yourself away from this intensive disease then make a habit of eating mushrooms

Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts-2

Broccoli sprouts is actually a cruciferous vegetable .it contains multiple vitamins and minerals and even phytochemicals which are very useful and helpful against breast tumor. I am coding some research work which was done in the late 1990 according to it that vegetables like broccoli have great number of cruciferous and nutrients which can overcome the risk of mammary gland cancer which is great news for the affected individuals.

The most important aspect of this herbal is that it contain sulforaphane which is precisely some old days like 5 to 6 days  which is over 100 x’s more amount of sulforaphane as compared to matured plant



You will be quite familiar with this fruit which contain a lot of red juicy seeds. The crunchy heliotrope food contains ellagic acid which is an antioxidant which secrets some enzymes and put a great part against breast cancer at his early stage or even good for other stages patients as well.

Lentils (Beans)

Lentils (Beans) -4

These beans are also very effective in lowering breast cancer risk. It contains folate, fibers and some other type of nutrients. A study  published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2009 analyzed that , the dietary patterns of more than 3,500 Asian-American women  found that a higher intake of legumes, which include lentils and beans, which may keep a healthy part against this  deadly  disease.



Doctors also suggest that this seed type of food have pterostilbene, a phytonutrient which can stop the growth of tumor. It hit the cancerous cells to destruct it. This all method of system is called apoptosis. So add up blueberries to your diet for good prevention.


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