Cancer in Genes Can Be So Scary

Cancer runs in our family ..sigh! My mom died at the age of 61 as her breast cancer had spread into the lymph nodes. It was very painful to see her first going through chemotherapy during her 50’s and ending up to a painful death. It was hard for me and my brothers and sisters to accept it and fortunately the memories were brought back when cancer was diagnosed in me too.

When we realized that it runs in the family. I was lucky in the sense that since I had seen my mom going through this disease,so with the slightest doubt in my mind I went straight to the doctor.  A small lump had appeared under my armpit. I was diagnosed with the early stage breast cancer. Although it went away with medicines, I got psychologically very disturbed. Even after the breast cancer treatment and  with regular check ups the fear had settled in my mind.

At the peak of my depression I used to get scared for my 12 years old daughter, since we  can’t ignore the fact that, it is unfortunately genetic. I did understand that my whole family was being effected because of me. My husband planned to take me to the psychologist, but before this, things getting better for me… how?


On my weeding anniversary a little family party was arranged. When I realized how much everyone cared for me. Despite the affection of everyone toward me was more painful more than soothing, because I felt helpless and missed mom like anything. On the other hand, I was also thankful to have such a loving family. They cooked my favourite dishes, passed complements, decorated my house with flowers and gave me presents.

My sister got me the most unusual and the best present among all. It was a device called Breastlight. Because she wanted to give the best present ever for me, and all she could think of was my depression. She knew I needed some kind of guarantee that would show me every day that I’m fine. She searched on the website and came to know about this breast screening device for self examination. It is used to diagnose breast cancer as with a strong beam of light, every vein in the breast becomes visible and if a spot or any unnatural thing appears, also becomes visible as a dark spot. It gave me a strange confidence. I have it all the time and everywhere with me so there’s nothing to worry about. Although I do visit the doctor twice a year for a complete checkup, it still feels so safe to have like a mini doctor with me. Especially for my daughter, I know I don’t need to worry anymore.

 I wrote This story based article on one of my best friend life. I am still in pain for my friend  because she lost her mother due to this deadly virus. So its my request to all of you that please take care of your self. Its better to check earlier rather then to put yourself in deep trouble.

Author Bio

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Jasmine William is a web content writer who likes to introduce innovative ideas in E-commerce platforms especially in Health, Fitness, and Medical products,etc. Her articles emphasis balancing  on research based information needs to give advance insight of the niche.You can follow her on twitter @jasmine15551



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