Breast Cancer in Young Age | Breastlight Reveiws

49,936 women and 349 men in the UK were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2011. Similarly the growing rate of cancer around the world is alarming. Women after their menopause are the most suffered victims, less in girls and rarely present in men.

Although breast cancer in women under 40 is rare, but it is possible and therefore any signs and changes such as a lump or abnormal discharge through the nipples should not be ignored as many girls do. Certain factors may trigger cancer, such as breast cancer in the family history, chest exposed to radiations and high intake of meat or alcohol etc.

Early symptoms of breast cancer are hard to detect as it initially not painful and only a small lump appears usually under the armpit.

breast-cancer-in young-Women's

Regular mammograms are not necessary for women under the age of 40, but they should have complete knowledge about breast cancer, its signs, its symptoms and knowledge about breast cancer treatment. Mammogram and related checkups according to the doctor’s advice shall be done once in 3 years at least due to the increasing rate of breast cancer patients day by day.

Breast Cancer Screening with Breastlight

The easiest way of screening breast cancer that enables self-exam, is developed by a UK based doctor, with a device called Breastlight.

Breastlight initial screening device lets you examine what’s going on inside your breast through a bright red light that penetrates safely and deeply, enabling you to view the veins and/ if any change occurring inside the breast. Breast cancer appears as a dark spot.

Not every lump is a cancer  changes in the breast are also usually normal, but to be on the safe side, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

During breast cancer treatment or after the treatment, Breastlight can prove to be useful in keeping a check on changes; Hence giving them confidence and tension free life.

Christine’s Story

Breastlight saved my life… 42 years old Christine was at her friends house when she discovered she had an early stage breast cancer. Her friend had recently bought the Breastlight for her and her daughter’s safety. When Christine was told about it, she wanted to experience it too. To their surprise, a blackish spot appeared on her left breast. She rushed to the doctor and luckily with radiations and medicines she is perfectly safe now.


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