Breast Cancer the Words that Haunted my Whole Life

Today I am sharing with you (Breast Cancer the words that haunted  my whole life) one of my friend and cousin story that how she survive herself from breast cancer.

Breast Cancer… one thing I’ve been hearing about for as long as I can remember. It is something that didn’t just affect me but my very loved ones too. My mother and my grandma lost their lives, suffering from breast cancer. Unfortunately, they were both very young when they died. Now when I suffered from breast cancer I clearly understand what it is like to have cancer. In the back of my mind, I was prepared to face breast myself but didn’t know when.

I got married at the age of 27. At the age of 29 I had been blessed with a beautiful daughter, Julian. We named her after my grandma.

Breast Cancer – the words that haunted me my whole life

When I turned 31 I went for a my breast checkup. At my worried looks, my doctor tried to ease me, smiled at me and assured that everything is going to be ok since I was too young for breast cancer but the results didn’t fail to surprise her more than me. I was one of those early victims who catches cancer at a very early age. Breast cancer had arrived in my left breast. Luckily it was a very early stage and with a 14 hrs surgery it was gone.

My doctor recommended me to keep a breast screening device called Breastlight. She knew my chances of recurrence and understood how worried I will be from now on. The best solution to ease me at that stage was, self exam for breast cancer, anytime, anywhere.

One day as I was screening my breast with the Breastlight Device, I noticed a tiny spot in my right breast. Immediately I consulted the doctor and again I was lucky to catch it early. But this time I had chemo, followed by radiations.

10 years have passed, I regularly screen my breast with Breastlight. I am perfectly fine now and the hair I lost with chemo have also returned. I hope my daughter stays safe and so does every girl and woman around.

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