Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer – Breastlight Screening Device

Breast cancer is usually found when symptoms start to appear, however many ladies with early breast cancer have no visible symptoms. Therefore, it’s necessary to attain the screening tests before any symptoms would develop.

If one abnormal thing is found during screening or if any form of the symptoms of carcinoma are found, your doctor may assist you with one or more ways to seek out if the disease has appeared. If cancer is found, different tests are done to check the stage of the cancer.

Breast Exam by Doctor

If there happens to be any signs or symptoms that may or might turn out to be cancer, make certain to seek your doctor as quickly as possible. The doctor will collect information about your symptoms, the other health issues, and potential risk factors for the cancer to be benign or malignant.



Your breasts are going to be completely examined for the possibilities of the presence of any lumps or affected areas, the doctor will feel its texture, size, and compare it to the rest of the skin and chest muscles. Any changes within the nipples or the skin of your breasts are going to be noted. The body fluid nodes in your body cavity and higher than your collarbones are also palpated (felt), as a result of the enlargement or firmness of the body fluids, nodes may indicate clarification of breast cancer. Your doctor will do a whole physical examination to evaluate your general health and whether or not there’s any proof of cancer presence.

In case the physical exam shows positive signs and symptoms of cancer, the chances of breast cancer are high and require further tests. The tests will most probably include imaging tests, sample testing of nipple discharge and most importantly biopsy of suspected areas.

Self-Exam For Breast Cancer

Adult women of all ages are encouraged to perform breast self-exams at least once a month.  Johns Hopkins Medical center states. The first sign of cancer is the formation of a lump. Women can witness it by feeling her armpits and breast area. For clear and better results Breast light self exam device can be used to detect changes in the breast. As through Breast light, a strong but safe red light, when placed on breast makes visible every vein and every change appearing in the breast, in a form of shadow or a dark spot.

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