Breastlight Screening Device Giving Birth To Successful Stories

“Our attitude of – Oh Lord, what utter tragedy you have come across, you have breast cancer – is the worst behavior that a breast cancer patient should be exposed to, says a survivor. It’s not that much tragic as we make it specially for the one who is going through this all.

Elizabeth a 35 years old lady working at a call center also faced the tragedy in 2009, when she felt a cyst in her left breast. She was aware of the change in her body, but could not spare time for a mammography. It wasn’t until breast light self examination provided a chance of mammography through breast light Screening device at her home indicated herself positive for breast cancer. Luckily her cancer was detected in the first year, which not only saved her life, but also spared her from several difficult stages of the treatment.

Breastlight screening device -1

 This is not the only story there are several stories having successful conclusions. “Support and encouragement helped in my healing”, says Jenifer a 28 years old newly married girl and a patient went through procedures after detection of  breast cancer.  I felt the lump when my body started going back to some form of normalcy, after the pregnancy. I put off getting it looked at for a couple of months, but when it started hurting, I knew I should get in to see my doctor, but I was scared and wanted to have something that firstly inform me about the unusual changes. Someone told me about breast light Initial screening cancer device and I used to buy cancer screening device online. I found it immensely helpful and astonishingly convenient. I was diagnosed with Stage II invasive ductal carcinoma, an aggressive form of breast cancer, which, for me, meant lots of targeted drug therapy.

I decided on a lumpectomy to remove my 2.5cm tumor and came out of surgery on November 3rd, 2010 with clear margins and a sentinel node biopsy that showed no lymph node involvement. By December 2nd I had my port in place and I was about to start the fight of my life to make sure this never returned to my body. I completed six rounds of chemotherapy, 33 rounds of radiation and an additional 11 rounds of Herceptin, which ended on November 2nd 2011, the day before my 1st year cancer free Anniversary. I learned right away that when you don’t have a choice, you can do anything but my decision of using this detecting device was more then an accurate one and no doubtly it is so affordable the one can say it a Cheap Breastlight self examination device UK.

I am a survivor and I want to stay that way! I am walking in honor of everyone that has been touched by breast cancer… those that have fought hard and lost their battle, those that are still fighting, those that have survived and all the amazing people in our lives that took care of us and last but not the least I can never forget breast light. My battle against cancer without breast light was almost impossible.


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