Olive Oil And Breast Cancer – Breastlight Reviews

Breast cancer the most miserable reality of the day and becomes more pathetic when it enters in a woman’s life.  Breast cancer detection technology is also increasing day by day but the awareness is still a much needed element especially when it comes to the developing countries. Once you get breast cancer you need to be very much clear about the disease as well as the treatment and other related requirements.

olive-oil- and-breast-cancer

What Should I do?

Being a woman you need to be concerned about the breast cancer and specially if are having some family history about the disease. Self-examination and screening should be your priorities.

What Else Can I do?

Apart from the procedures you need to be very much peculiar about your diet. Whatever you eat should be very much healthy containing anti-inflammatory diet. Do regular exercise and walk. Make your lifestyle simple but active full with healthy doings.

Why Olives?


Olive oil is a healthiest food in the whole world and no exaggeration in this. They have a rich amount of anti-inflammatory elements or agents that can fewer the risk of being into breast cancer as well as many other health benefits. Olives can lessen the amount of bad cholesterol in a body, maintain your blood pressure, and lower the risk of heart attack. The antioxidant part of them, make them more sufficient.

Olives and Breast Cancer


A research was conducted in America and according to that research woman who use to eat Mediterranean food with a proper amount of olives has less chances of breast cancer and it actually lessen the chances of the disease.  The risk factor was lessen to 65 percent and will decrease more in the next 5 years. Olives and olive oil may reduce HER2+ risk that actually increases the risk of having breast cancer and give raise to Brest cancer cells. They also can be very much effective in treating aggressive breast cancer and tumors. In fact olives have anti-tumor chemicals in it so it proves to be weapon against breast cancer.  Here we need to understand one thing that olives can reduce the risk of breast cancer so you can take them as precautionary measure to avoid yourself being indulged in this menace. This is also a fact that the olives use to damage the blood cell or make them disable but they don’t do any harm to the useful cells that are essential part of the body. As every one of us know that olives contain oil as well so use it in a suitable amount. Doctors always prefer to use fats that are less harmful to the health as compare to the fats we get from butter, oils etc.

Tips Of Life

Eat healthy and think positive it will make your life easy as well as beautiful. Make olives a compulsory part of the meal but in a balanced shape with all other essential nutrients. Don’t be panic if you get to know that you are in a disease like breast cancer and try to look forward towards treatment and positive side of the picture.


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