Concealed Miracles Inside Onion – Breastlight

Natural things always inspire. We see many vegetables with a beautiful natural look.  They beautify everything. Onion also belongs to the same group. Miracles inside onion are highly beneficial and amazing. A round layered shape vegetable with so many healthy wonders. Onion belongs to the allium family of vegetables. This family also includes vegetables like, garlic, scallions and leeks etc. This group of vegetables can said to the ancient belongings too. Apart from the health benefits these vegetables are also used in medical properties.


Yes Onions

We usually think and take onion in only one shape or look but actually they can vary in size, shape, shade and savor. Mostly they are found in red, yellow and white colors.  We can taste the sweet and salacious flavor to a slight, shrill, spicy, and pungent flavor.  It all depends how they were cultivated and even consumed. According to a survey 105 billion pounds of onions are reaped each year internationally.

 Can Onion do Wonders?

The miracles of onion can be discussed in detail as they are blessed with dense nutrients like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, magnesium, potassium and sulfur etc. Onion is a low cholesterol vegetable. Onion is very much effective when it comes to defeat several diseases. The most important miracle is its anti-cancer phenomenon. Along with a very balanced lifestyle consumption of vegetables also reduces the risk factors of being indulge into different diseases. Many studies tell that ingesting vegetables like onion can further safe you from heart diseases and help you to reduce your weight.


It is the honor for Allium family that their produced vegetables are highly effective against cancer especially stomach and colorectal cancers. It is also possible because they are rich in organosulfur composites. They can stop the growth of tumor and keeps cell in a right position.

Cozy Sleep and Pleasant Mood

Onion has Folate in it.  This element helps out to reduce anxiety. It happens by stopping an excess of homocysteine if they are growing inside the body. They usually block these elements to reach the brain.

Beautifies Your Skin and Hair

Vitamin c is highly recommended for skin and hair. So the Suitable consumption of this vitamin can maintain the said parts of the body. Onion has a rich amount of this vitamin.


Onions are also said to be anti-asthmatics and they are in fact.  They have this ability because they use to prevent the production of such chemicals that are very active to cause muscle spasm of the bronchi. Onions make the muscles very relaxed.

Defeats Infection

Onion is an anti-infection vegetable. It’s very effective against infections as it works like an antibiotic.

Balance Cholesterol Level

Onion is also very much beneficial when it comes to balancing the cholesterol level of a body. It can increase the level of good cholesterol as well as reduce the levels of bad cholesterol.

There are many other benefits of onion or should many other miracles of onion with no artificial inclusion. You can use it to purify your blood and to get a healthy skin. We may remember an old English rhyme about onion that is actually relating the winters and onions, a beautiful healthy combination.


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