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Breast cancer diagnosis is the first step towards further treatments.  October is an awareness month universally with regards to breast cancer. Awareness is not a restricted phenomenon. We can’t keep it limited to some specific elements. It’s something that needs more and more consideration. Breast cancer awareness has so many dimensions like many other awareness campaigns. You need to proceed step by step to further pave the way and to develop a favorable public opinion.

Breast Cancer diagnosis can be done only when one is aware of the importance of it. There are several ways to make it sure.

breast cancer -Diagnosis

What Can Be Done?

Health is a greater blessing so one has to be very much concerned about it. People usually are scared of but it good to know about a disease rather than reaching the last stage where treatments become unproductive. So be brave and get ready for detection of breast cancer. Self-examination is the most common and easy way to detect any abnormality in breast. After frequent session one gets use to it and can find out and change or unusual lump in the breasts. Self-examination can be done at home with the help of certain devices available in the market. It atleast gives you a sense of relief as you do this by yourself and can avoid any social pressure before the final confirmation.

After noticing any change you can consult your doctor. Mammography is also a way diagnosis for breast cancer. There is need to introduce proper programs or sessions for this. Mammograms screening is the reliable source of diagnosing breast cancer. Mammogram is in fact an x-ray of the breast. This is a survey to detect any specific area that can develop breast cancer in future or already have few symptoms. Like many other ultrasounds breast can also be observed by an Ultrasound.  This procedure is also known as sonography.  This is done by using sound waves to sketch out any peculiar part of the body.

breast cancer -Diagnosis-01

For conducting these test an instrument that looks like microphone actually called transducer been placed on the area. It produces sound waves and these waves use to pick the echoes. The echoes further are transformed into images by a computer that is displayed on its desktop. This is a very simple and comfortable procedure that even doesn’t have any radiative side effects. Another way of breast cancer diagnosis is Magnetic resonance imaging, MRI.  In MRI procedure strong magnetic radio waves are used instead of x-rays. The energy from the radio waves is absorbed and then released in a pattern formed by the type of body tissue and obviously according to the disease. Here these waves’ patterns are further being translated into strong images by a computer. For a clear image a contrast liquid called is injected into a vein before conducting this test or during the test. These were few procedures for breast cancer diagnosis but there are few other ways for this detection.

  • A glimpse of Breast diagnosis about cancer
  • Apart from above mentioned methods here are few other methods,
  • Nipple discharge exam
  • Ductal lavage and nipple aspiration


Biopsy can be done in several ways like,

  1. Fine needle aspiration biopsy
  2. Core needle biopsy
  3. Vacuum-assisted core biopsies
  4. Surgical (open) biopsy
  5. Lymph node biopsy

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