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You may find many women around who are in a very complicated relationship with their body after breast cancer. For many of them mastectomy means the end of womanhood. They may develop many insecurities and psychological barriers. Breast cancer care is actually tacking not with the disease but to handle the overall scenario. Research also shows that such women feel low self-esteem and many psychological constraints.

The feeling of detachment is actually very awful.  The overall treatment itself can make so many changes in appearance and it becomes more difficult to accept the reality and live with it. Musinsky a cancer patient went through many treatments included mastectomy and eventually she was of the view, “Cancer sort of relaxed a lot of my issues and fears about asymmetry,

” she explains. “By the time I was done with it, I was so grateful just to have my body, to be alive. A lot of the concerns that had stopped me in my tracks before — that had prevented me from reaching out and trying new things, kind of faded away.

Fighting a serious disease brings you down to your basic binary state of being alive or dead, and if you end up alive, everything else just becomes much more insignificant. There’s this permanent change in your perspective.” one need to understand the fact in order to make your life more relaxed.

Love your body


It is a great blessing that you have come to know about the disease like breast cancer timely and have time to select the treatment options. Life is more precious than anything else. You have to develop such feelings by yourself. Reconstruction option is also there but there are many women who are living without their breasts. They have faced the reality very bravely.

Reconstruction of breast can also be an option after having a conversation with your doctor. Those who don’t choose this option they have their own opinions about the decision and reasons too. Whatever you choose or do, do it for yourself only not for a particular reason that how it affects your appearance etc. no one will love your body until you will love it.

It may take time to realize the importance of the treatment that you had and the amount of psychological distress. Once you will weigh the both options together and will check which option has provided you many benefits,   certainly will get the answer.  You can start thinking in a very different way. There are many women who got a new trail to think about the life and the importance of what they actually have inside their bodies.

Unfortunately we live in a society where it has become a culture to be more concerned about your appearance than any other constructive thing. It is good to make efforts to look good but not on the account of teasing your spirit and distracting your mind. Breast cancer care is the combination of soothing your body as well as your mind.



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