Eating Disorders The True Dilemma

The eating disorders are sometimes defined as mental disorders as they use to affect the physical as well as the mental health of an individual. They are linked with so many factors both situational and genetic. Women are more into such disorders as compare with men. There are several reasons but the cultural obsession is the core factor or reason behind this particular issue.

  1. Anorexia Nervosa

People with this eating disorder intentionally quit eating and calories intake to such a level where they start looking abnormally thin and overweight.  Anorexia is more common in women especially in their adolescent.


  1. Bulimia Nervosa

Bulimics is a disorder in which a person use to eat food rich in calories  as compare to Anorexia but this is not the end. After taking in so many calories the person uses to behave very strangely to purge the stuff from the body by inducing self-vomiting etc. again this order is commonly seen in young women.


  1. Binge Eating Disorder

In this disorder a person like to eat a heavy amount of caloric diet in one meal or should say consumes calories in high numbers but in very short time duration. This is also a serious situation where it becomes difficult for a human body to handle so many calories altogether.


  1. Cognitive Alteration disorder

In this particular case a person has slanted thoughts about his total image, appearance, food and body etc. people facing this disorder want to look perfect. They are actually obsessed to perfectionism. They don’t think about the healthy food that is necessary for their bodies they just want to look slim and use every possible way to fulfill their desire.

  1. Physiology disorder

Food works as a fuel for the body. If a person does not take a sufficient amount of essential nutrients then the body starts to break down the already existed fat within body as it is not getting it through food. After the breakage of fats the muscles break down starts. Its result is really scary with production of ketones that later includes in our bloodstream and develop a hurdle in the supply of blood to the brain.  This can cause difficulty to think and concentrate.  This is the most dangerous outcome of this disorder.

  1. Pica

It is also a very common disorder among so many people especially children with the age limit between 1 to 6 years.  Those who are into this order whenever feeling hungry they just want to eat nonnutritive food otherwise nothing. Their appetite is just for the food that is not good for health. This order can lead a child to several mental disorders like injury to brain or autism.

  1. Cogitation Disorder

This disorder is quite disgusting as people who are having disorder use to take food normal as others do but they instantly regurgitation it into the mouth and then take it back after chewing it again.  Mostly this disorder is seen in infants. There are several reasons behind this like any internal pain, disease, depression, pressure etc. sometimes infants do it just to gain more attention.

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