Childrens Care Indeed Difficult Task

Parents make so many efforts to keep their children away from any of the disease but despite all of these efforts kids still get into contagious diseases like cold and flu. This is quite a difficult situation for the parents. Here your approach should be more rational than emotional.

Flu is something that one can manage easily. Try to take the initial measures but if the disease prolonged than involve a doctor. At home you can manage the flu by following the mentioned steps stated below.

Temperature Should be Checked Thoroughly:

Initially you may think the child is having flu but the constant temperature checkup is also essential.  If the child is also having symptoms like nausea or vomiting, you don’t directly should be looking for the influenza. If the temperature of a child is more than the normal; then don’t relate it as he is having flu.

Keep Your Child Hydrated:

Children can easily dehydrate so you being a parent have to look deep into this matter.  If they are having flu or cold symptoms you have to see whether it’s because they are not hydrated.  Fever, vomiting and sweating can also make them dehydrated very easily. You can also see the symptoms of dehydration in the form of reduced urination, sticky mouth and cold skin when touched in your child. Give them more and more liquids to drinks.


Make Meals Easier to Eat:

If the child is facing diseases like cold, flu or fever he wouldn’t be able to eat the solid food.  Solid food will further disturb his tummy so always choose or prepare the soft and easy to eat food for the child.  Kiwi is a good example to be given to your child. It has ability to improve their immune system. Yogurt and different types of porridge are also good for the children to fulfill the appetite as well as to strengthen the immune system.


Unblock Breathing:

When the kids are having cold their noses get stuffed up in this battle. The situation can be more sever for the ones who are on breastfeeding because while feeding the will not be having any source to take the air inside. Many health magazines suggest using cool-mist humidifier in the room of your child so he doesn’t feel any sort of congestion. There are many nasal sprays available in the market but use them after consulting nay doctor.


Don’t Let Them Share Anything With Others Even Toys:

Everyone knows that diseases like cold, flu or cough are contagious and having germs that can easily be converted to others around.  They can suddenly attack all who are close to the infected one. If your child is sick keep an eye on him and don’t let him share even the toys with other siblings. The same way don’t let them use the towels or any other thing belongs to the one who is suffering from flu or cold. It is actually good for all the family members including the suffering one.



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