Breastlight Magical Diagnostic Breast Cancer

We are living in a world where we have to cope with so many adversities along with celebrating the happy moments. In fact these ups and downs are the part of life. We see people talking and discussing about breast cancer. Many organization use to arrange different campaigns for dissemination of information yet we see a large number of people face this disease every year.  For example in UK 11,600 women died from this disease, that’s around 32 every day. So many organizations are behind the breast cancer awareness UK but still more is required. Early diagnosis of this disease is really important. One needs to be very much careful about this particular issue. Few years back there were limited sources for detection or should say one has to go through quite big tests to check whether they have the disease or not. The typical methods for detection are very common.


Breast Examination By Doctor:

This is somehow the most typical method in which doctor use to check breasts by close examining and finding any lymph nodes or swelling near the breasts or even under the arm pits.


The most well-known method for detection of breast cancer is mammogram.  This is sort of an x-ray to diagnose the issue with your breasts.


This is another way to see the breasts in a closer view. Doctor recommends this procedure to see the changes.


This is a procedure in which some of the tissue from the breast is removed and examined in the laboratory. This method also uses to determine the severity of the disease whether it’s the aggressive one or not.


Everyone is usually aware of this procedure as it has so many usages like for brain and other parts of the body. Your doctor may suggest going through the MRI procedure of your breasts.


The Magical New Technology:

As mentioned above the different methods to detect breast cancer but after the emergence of new technology the self-examination method for detection is available as a source of first handed information about the disease. Breastlight is one of the devices for self-assessment. It makes a woman attentive about the further happenings and compels to visit doctor if any unusual changes in the breasts are found.


How to Specify the Stage Of Breast Cancer?

There are certain levels to detect the stages of breast cancer. It may differ for every individual. After self-examination one will be able to know whether she is having breast cancer or not. In case of positive results one need to rush to her medical consultant for further examination and procedures. Knowing the breast cancer will describe the kind of treatment you need. Your doctor may ask for the following tests and procedures.

  1. Blood tests, like complete blood hematology
  2. Mammogram the most well-known and beneficial tests for detecting breast cancer
  3. Breast MRI as we have discussed earlier
  4. Bone scan can also be suggested by your doctor
  5. Computerized tomography or (CT) scan can also be useful for detection

Positron emission tomography or (PET) scan is also kind of a scan to see the things in detail.


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