Early Chemo May Not Be Choice For Black Women

Breast cancer has become a reality and every one of us has to admit this instead of turning our faces. Once someone is detected with this disease after breast cancer screening, the next step is the treatment option for this. According to a recent research early chemotherapy in black women has worse results as compare to others. As the studies show that black, Hispanic and Asian women are at high risk of developing advanced-stage breast cancer so chemotherapy will be the option for them prior to surgery but as the research has showed that it would not be having the beneficial results and effects.

“Black or African women doesn’t respond well to chemotherapy and it’s a proved thing when a pathologist looked the tumor under the microscope after the both treatment chemotherapy and the surgery. It was a great research indeed” said by a doctor.


Findings of Research:

The study that have mentioned above was based to emphasis on racial disparities among the black people.  The study conducted with reference to chemotherapy in 27,300 women with breast cancer of stage I to stage III.  The women included in the study were diagnosed with breast cancer back in the years 2010 and 2011. “Even when we controlled for the fact that minority women often present with more advanced-stage, higher-grade tumors, and more aggressive types of breast cancer overall, our team was surprised to find that black women did not respond as well to neo adjuvant chemotherapy compared to other racial groups” said a doctor who followed the research.


The Significance of the Research:

The significance of the research is highly sensitive especially when it comes to decide the treatment and future findings based on the present research. It’s not merely a research but also a way forward towards improvement in clinical trials and treatments of the breast cancer. There are clear biological differences with reference to chemo sensitivity and that’s a fact. There are so many socio-economic factors behind as well as the inequalities belong to the treatment. Another important point that needs to be focus is the difference between the chemotherapy that was selected for the black women and the others. Was there any difference between the dose and any other related factor between two of the groups. There can be certain medical conditions as well. In fact all of the related factors use to affect the outcomes of the trail. It is actually a great effort to highlight the difference that can be really helpful for the future researches and can also play its role in the selection of a particular treatment as well as selection of the particular dose etc. it’s a way forward in short. The disparities are quite evident in the mentioned group but it’s very shocking to know the same course of action in a disease like breast cancer. Every concerned person should take it as challenge and should participate effectively not only for the sake of humanity but also to gain personal and professional knowledge.



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