Selection Of Treatment For Older Women With Breast Cancer

Breast cancer screening is though important for women at different stages of life but it is more essential in women with old age. This screening makes it easy to decide that which treatment would go best for the cancer one has after the confirmation of breast cancer and its stage. It is also essential that after the detection of breast cancer clear and wise choices should be made about the treatment which is most suitable as per the condition.

Breast Cancer and Old Women

It becomes more important to be very specific when it comes to decide about the treatment for breast cancer in women over 70.  It is noticed that almost two third of the women with this particular age group use to get the radiology treatment in their earl stage breast cancer.  It is also said that surgery along with medicines is probably the more appropriate choice for the old women but in many of the cases radiology can’t be avoided.


In 2004 a study was conducted regarding the treatment choices in women over 70. It was noticed that surgery followed by treatment with tamoxifen was having the same effectiveness as such medicines were used along with the radiology. It is also seen that those women who had their breast surgery after five years and were on both tamoxifen and radiation treatments remained secured.

Those women who were treated with tamoxifen and radiation were on almost one percent more risk of mastectomy than those who were just treated with tamoxifen and almost the same risk factor and percentage of recurrence. It actually makes all to think about a specific point and that is to avoid the aggressive treatment choices particularly in women with ages over 70. Breast cancer screening can make it easy for doctors to make a very careful choice and it is linked with the early detection otherwise many of the treatments options might be considerable then.

Risks of Radiology on Older Women

Though medication and radiology both are safer methods to treat a breast cancer but there are few challenges related to hormonal therapy as well as with the radiation with they are done on the old women. These challenges are such as breast pain, fatigue even recurrence. These challenges can be intolerable for the women over 70.

Discuss It Thoroughly Before Making any Decision

Well, it is actually the most important decision of your life so talk about it and ask as many questions as you can. These questions can be like,

  • Are there any risk factors about the recurrence?
  • What are the previous results about this particular treatment with same medical conditions?
  • Is your present condition will support you in the selected treatment?
  • If you have any other diseases apart from breast cancer you can ask from your doctor about them that how they can put you on high risk?
  • Are there any side effects of the selected treatment?
  • the total duration of the treatment

There can be many other questions as well. What you have to do more importantly is to go through a regular Breast cancer screening to identify the issue and its severity.


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