Symptoms Of Low Blood Pressure

We usually heard people talking about high blood pressure. What we should eat to avoid the increase in blood pressure? How to decrease the risk factors? And many other related things. Hypertension is very dangerous; However low blood pressure can also be very risky. Low blood pressure can be because of the certain health issues like heart problem, thyroid condition, or some cognitive disorder. You may feel faintness, nausea, and some serious faintness. One needs to know about the symptoms so to cope with the situation.

How To Know Your Blood Pressure Is Low?

Blood pressure is actually the pressure of the blood that your heart pumps on the artery walls. It also varies from person to person as per their age, gender and physical activities.  You are actually into Hypotension or low blood pressure levels when the reading is 90 mm Hg and the systolic reading is 60 mm. you will start feeling very weak and faint with a cold body. These are the most immediate symptoms. Low blood pressure can also be because of any other health issue. It actually creates many health issues as well like fatigue, indistinct vision, severe weakness, nausea; vomiting etc. the blood levels get dropped to a certain level; that a person starts fainting. Emotional trauma can also be reason or cause of low blood pressure levels. Any medicine can also cause the low blood pressure levels such as the beta blockers. Such blood pressures can get back to the normal levels within little time.

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Serious Situation With Regards To Low Blood Pressure:

Severe faintness, irregular heartbeat, annexations and that too in their highest levels can really be a serious condition and need to be handled immediately. It can be more fatal if the patient is suffering from the shortness of breath and chest pain too.  One can feel the severe headache, neck stiffness; cough with mucus, dysuria, high temperature, tarry or stool with dark color, prolonged indigestion, vomiting and diarrhea etc. unfortunately all these symptoms can be because the blood levels of a person are very low, the same way these health conditions can also become the reason of low blood pressure levels.


One needs to look for the reasons behind the low blood levels. A woman can feel the low blood pressure levels in pregnancy.  The lack of some specific nutrients from diet can also be the reason of low blood pressure levels.  The loss of fluid in the body can also decrease your blood levels. Heat stroke is also one of the most common causes of low blood pressure levels. Sometimes the levels are that much low that it should be declare a serious medical emergency. Here we also need to know that if someone is facing the continuous low blood levels, they can be because of some serious health issues such as, intense allergic reaction anemia, any infection, or a hemorrhage. It also indicates that one can have any issues related with the heart or the brain. You need to take all this seriously to avoid any further damages.

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