Defeat Cancer By Emulating the Awareness

Awareness is actually a relationship between you and the understanding that you have for certain things. We all need to defeat the menace of cancer with the help of our knowledge and awareness. There are so many types of cancer and every cancer has its own risks, prevention and treatments. There can be some commonalities as well along with the differences. Here we are going to discuss the American National Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Awareness Week. This will has been started on April 10 and will be ending on 16 April 2016.  We also need to realize that this particular category of cancer has so many misunderstandings as well as lack of awareness about this.

The HPV-related throat Cancer on the High:

According to American National Cancer Institute, though breast cancer is the most common cancer and especially in women then comes the lung, and prostate cancer. But almost 61,000 people are detected with oral and throat cancer in 2016. 9,000 people are those who might be developed this cancer because of the HPV.  The study also indicates that the human papillomavirus (HPV) can increase the risk of neck cancer more than anything else. One of the predictions of this study is about the possibility of increasing the number of the patients in the world by 2020.  In men the rate can also increase and this is linked with the age as well as the smoking habits. Such cancers are almost four times more common in men as compared with the women. Don’t wait for these cancers to occur and learn about the initial symptoms and the prevention techniques of these cancers. Educate yourself as well as those around you in order to fight out these threats. This is also a fact that the study refers towards a very important segment and it is about the prevalence of HPV and almost 14 million people will be infected each year.

Here are few more facts which are indicated by this American research.

About 9,000 people in America and that too each year been diagnosed with oropharynx cancers and HPV can be one reason behind these cancers. Oral HPV has more effects on men as compared with women.

Early Symptoms:

Early symptoms can include a constant sore throat, discomfort or trouble in swallowing, earaches, some lump in the neck, croakiness, and increase in weight. These symptoms can indicate the presence of HPV positive throat cancer. To check for the further details a head and neck specialist will clean your throat with the help of a spry and then will insert a stretchy scope through the nose to examine the back of the throat, base of tongue, larynx, and vocal cords etc. there are so many people who have brought to hospital and detected with HPV positive but nothing could be done as it was too late to treat the disease.

Making a Resolution:

This awareness week is actually to instigate everyone to realize this reality and get the information about these cancers. The Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer Week has been observed by the Americans but in Fact every individual no matter where he or she lives should set an example for others.


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