Breast Cancer And Fortunate Chinese Women’s

The unfortunate element of breast cancer has affected women around the globe though the percentage and intensity is different in various regions and continents. It has seen that Asia is a bit fortunate in this regard where the breast cancer percentage is less than the other regions of the world. According to a research over 249,000 new cases of breast cancer have been reported in America in 2016 whereas the various organizations working in the country are expecting these numbers to be increased to a limit of 252,710. Screening for breast cancer UK is also not going some favorable results. In short the strategy about breast cancer needs a revamp approach.

The Asian Scenario:
As mentioned earlier Asian women are fortunate with regards to breast cancer as the lowest incidence of breast cancer been reported in the region. World cancer research fund has stated that in 2012 the lowest cases were reported in Asia and Africa as well. China is the country where this disease is not found that much severely as in the other countries. There are several reasons behind this fortunate situation. The overall atmosphere and living style of the people in china can also be included in the list of reasons. One of the surveys also indicates that according to the recent scenario out of 10000 only 1 woman will die due to breast cancer whereas in Britain the figure is 12. In some countries of Europe this number is 10 out of 10000.


Screening For Breast Cancer UK program needs be initiated more powerfully so to lessen the total figures. The use of herbal medicines is also is very popular in china and this is also one of the helping factors in decreasing the cases of breast cancer. The most important factor is the environmental factor which is actually affecting women in Europe. Urbanization is making it more difficult to live a life free from diseases. China is blessed in this regard as most of the population is living in rural areas with less urban population. The eating habits of Chinese are also very up to the mark which is why they are away from various diseases or a very small number of individuals have any such diseases and breast cancer is one of them. In order to keep a hormonal balance it is essential to eat a diet which provides you a support and this is what Chinese do. Low fats diet is really very helpful in maintaining all such balances. In china such diet is almost used by every individual either a male or a female.


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