Link Between Heart Disease and Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast cancer is considered to be the most dangerous disease in women around the world. There are several treatment options for this disease. One of the treatments is radiotherapy.  UK breast cancer screening initiative has cleared many of the aspects of this menace. There are different opinions of people about treatment options and their significance.

Risks Linked With Radiotherapy:

About radiotherapy scientists at Oxford University have made many researches in collaboration of many other institutions. A data was analyzed that was taken from 75 radiotherapy procedures. The results showed a clear link between radiotherapy and heart disease. It is indicated that radiotherapy can increase women’s risk for heart disease as well as the risks for secondary cancer. It is a common procedure to treat breast cancer. The X ray which is used in radiotherapy said to be the main cause of heart disease as well as the can cause other cancers. The outcome of this research was quite threatening as mentioned. In 75 cases taken for considerations few of the women were treated with radiotherapy while others were not. In 10 years follow-up several facts appeared in many dimensions.  It was clearly seen that 15 percent of the women doesn’t experience any recurrence of the diseases whereas 50 percent of the women in the said period died because of the breast cancer or any other cancer. Here the risk factors of radiotherapy also have cleared the situation as 15 percent of the women died due to non-breast cancer reasons. The scientists have taken this as the result of radiotherapy. UK breast cancer screening program clarify the present situation of a women with regards to breast which further makes it clear in terms of disease and its stage.

Further to look more deep into the situation scientists have analyzed that following the trial 30 percent of the women have died due to the heart disease as compared with those who have not gone through the same treatment. The high dose of radiation which has been used in the radiotherapy has considered being the cause of heart diseases or many other types of cancers. It is also clarified that the overall risks use to increase 23 percent in women who have been treated with the radiotherapy than those who were treated with some other methods. This treatment also increases the risk of contralateral breast cancer to almost 20 percent. The side effects are also increasing gradually. The risks for lung, esophageal cancer and leukemia are now increased to 110 percent, 142 percent and 71 percent respectively.

After analyzing the whole situation it is very much essential that things been taken in a much practical way without any further delay. There should be some screening programs in order to detect the disease as well as to select the treatment methods and it would be possible when the detection of the disease will be made earliest. Programs like UK breast cancer screening should be initiated in every country for the sake of humanity actually.


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