Why Not To Write On Breast Cancer?

We read books and other written stuff on our favorite topics. Several songs and other entertainment related stuff have been published daily and materialized too. Have you ever thought of writing a song on breast cancer? Whether its breast cancer screening or provision of other basic information. It actually should be discussed when it comes to performing arts. There are several arguments to defend this.

how to check breast                          BL2

  1. When breast cancer would be under discussion in songs or in other forms of performing arts it would certainly be more impactful than anything else.
  2. Awareness would become a more evident phenomenon when it will get an entrance in the performing arts related activities.
  3. Different celebrities can use their fame and worth to promote things like the need to go through breast cancer screening.
  4. When breast cancer will be discussed so enormously then it will certainly get an attention of masses around the world and it further will encourage them to realize it as well as to spread it further.
  5. Making it part of the literature will enhance the reach and importance of knowledge about this disease more vitally.
  6. When the stories of breast cancer survivors will be performed actually then they for sure will get more fame and people will take them more seriously.
  7. Noura Mint Seymali is from Mauritania has already did this experiment by singing a song with regards to breast cancer. It actually emphasized the need to have breast cancer screening atleast annually. Her mother died because of breast cancer. Noura has decided to spread the words of wisdom through her singing not only for the women of Africa but also women around the world.
  8. This new trend will certainly come up with some positive results.





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