Woman Without Breasts

It is said that the beauty of this world is because of the women and the beauty of a woman which distinguish her from others is in her breasts. The love that a woman has for her breasts is very much evident. Breast cancer screening UK program came out with so many facts about the said disease. These facts were related to every aspect about this particular ailment. One of the very prominent facts was regarding the emotional impact of the disease and its repercussions. It is very difficult to imagine yourself without breasts being a woman; surely it would be very hard imaginations and what if one has to face it practically. Many of the women think they would lose everything, their relationships, beauty, friends, and happiness because of the behaviors of the society. This issue is though very serious but might not be highlighted as clearly as it should have been.

Don’t be Anxious and Depressed:

One probably can’t stop thinking about the realities which she is going to face in near future being a breast cancer patient but it doesn’t mean to go for all the negative things always. Be positive and prepare yourself to fight out all the odds. You can’t deny the reality of the disease once you get it. All you can do is to prepare yourself for the forthcoming challenges. This preparation includes the emotional aspects which you have to deal with in future. You are not alone. Think about many of the breast cancer patients and survivors who gone through the same situation and how to made it. Keep yourself busy in different activities between the treatment sessions. Talk to the people around or your friends. Read books and the stuff you interested in. you can even perform light domestic tasks though rest should be your priority.


Breast cancer screening UK provided an opportunity to thousands of the women to get their breasts checked. It also provided a chance for interaction to all the participants. Try to approach such forums where you can fully express yourself and get a chance to speak about the hidden fear which you might not be able to discuss even with your own self. Become a slave within four walls of your room isn’t a solution it rather put immense pressure on you. There can be a lot of negative thought which could occupy your mind in absence of social interactions. Breast cancer doesn’t mean that you have become a segregated part of a society and you can’t be of any good use any more. Think about those people who born with some disabilities or those who became disable after some accident. They are also living their lives and probably feel contented that at least they are alive after the incident they went through.


Again remember despair can lead you nowhere but in total destruction. Programs like Breast cancer screening UK should be initiated to detect the disease timely and to keep women away from anxiety.


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