Connection Between Diet & Breast Cancer

Life it is complete package or combination of so many things. You can’t segregate one component from the other. The same way when you have to keep yourself away from any of the disease, you must have to follow the particular healthy rules in every segment if your life including the eating habits.  Whatever you eat, it actually affects your health.

Breast cancer awareness tends to inform an individual about every aspect of life. What you have to eat and what not and how to a distance from things or habits which can be harmful to you in short, this all comes from the awareness about that particular phenomenon.


New research says that eating Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk factors of deadly breast cancer by 40 percent. It is more effective for the women who are in their postmenopausal period.  The said research was held in Netherlands with involvement of 60,000 women with ages between 55 to 69 years old and the time period was more than 20 years.  The risk factors which were closely measured at the time of the study were regarding the diet, physical activity and any other factor which could trigger breast cancer in a woman. 20,000 women were selected from those 60,000 women who developed breast cancer and were compared with those who didn’t develop breast cancer. Initially there was no such link found between the Mediterranean diet and breast cancer risk factors;

Mediterranean diet and breast cancer risk factors; however it was found that this diet can decrease the risk factors of a particular breast cancer. It has been seen that diet along with other factors like physical activities and weight of an individual also added to the decrease of all such risks.

In short it’s a combination which makes an individual free from all such risk factors. Breast cancer awareness is the other name for measures which a woman can be practice to avert the disease.



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