Drink It To Avert Breast Cancer

It is very much evident and need to have a consideration too. Do you know that one of the benefits of beet juice is its fighting ability against breast cancer?  So it can be called a weapon against breast cancer. It is a fact that beetroots have been used for curing breast cancer in Europe for centuries. If we talk about the modern era of accepting this reality than it started in the 1920’s when two German doctors by the name of Farberse and Schoenenberger used this treatment against cancer.

Logic Behind:

Beet juice not only helps to protect but purify our cells as well. It contains the nutrients that are very much needed for human body and also very much easy to digest.  Nowadays everyone is conscious about the health and even athletes are beginning to understand the importance balanced diet for the body.  This can be more practical by incorporating beet juice into their daily routine and while training sessions for better physical recital.

The same way it is helpful for the cancer patients to have some betterment in their condition. As beet has rich amount of nutrients and oxygen and the link between oxygen and cancer is very much apparent. Beets can increase oxygen, within the blood, by 400 percent while helping to eradicate waste products. Beets have the capacity to increase oxygen intake within the cells, while protecting the levels of vitamin C – another great anti-cancer nutrient.

Anti-tumor Qualities:

Beet juice is an anti-cancer liquid. It has huge amount of iron that restore red blood corpuscles that supply cancer cells with more oxygen. This higher oxygen amount improves cellular respiration – which helps to fight cancer cells.

Beets are actually one of the best cleansing foods, and their main achievement in that regard is they decontaminate the kidneys, liver and lymph system – while promoting the regeneration of new (healthy) cells. Beet juice recovers the function of many systems in the body, and because of this the body is able to avert and reverse many health situations – including cancer. Beet juice prevents and treats anemia; it improves lymphatic circulation; supports liver function and helps to get rid of fatigue issues.

Apart from other facts it is also of great importance that Beets are an excellent source of calcium, iron, vitamins A and C, folic acid, manganese, potassium and betaine .The main function of betaine is to diminish the absorptions of homocysteine in the body.

A high homocysteine level is thought to cause atherosclerosis, and osteoporosis, while harming the blood vessels. Remember, when your homocysteine levels are too high – your risk for disease is higher due to an increase in cellular swelling.

What else it do:

  • Developing strength and stamina
  • motivating the immune system
  • Reconstructing blood
  • Increasing cell growth and restoring cell nucleus
  • modifying blood pressure
  • Removing heavy metals and toxins from the brain
  • Speeding the formation of red corpuscles
  • Endorsing healthy nails, shiny hair and smoother skin
  • Purifying and detoxifying the liver, kidneys, and bladder
  • Treating leukemia and other cancers

It is always the right and pertinent strategy to do some preventive measures to avert a particular disease before it is too late. The early measures can take you away from several dangerous aspects which could even be life threatening. The use of organic vegetables and fruits can really do miracles. You should stop eating the artificial food items rather make the healthy food an essential part of your routine. It will certainly lessen your tensions and you will feel comparatively fresh and the probability of diseases like breast cancer would also be low.


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