Older Age & Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer itself is a very threatening disease but it becomes scarier when gets it in older age.  Breast cancer screening results clarify the situation by highlighting the issue. It further explains the treatment options according to the intensity of the disease. Old people need more optimal care. They need some extra attention; in short, their needs become unique as compared to others who are younger in age. “At times, age can be a barrier that we want to look beyond as we evaluate that patient”, said by Doctor Arti Hurria who is director of Aging Research Program regarding breast cancer.

Everyone wants the best treatment and actually demand it. Everyone wants to be treated following individualized strategy.  After proper evaluation and personal findings, a doctor gets to know about providing any specific treatment. Weight is another factor which affects the treatment as well as the patient. Chronological age is the real point under discussion. Only the functional age can define the possible expected outcome of any treatment procedure. Decision making about the selection of any particular treatment procedure not only depends upon the Breast cancer screening results but also on the functional age and health condition of an individual. Geriatrics being the new oncology practice use to find out this all before making a selection. The help and support of the patient are really important in this procedure. In this new assessment procedure, a survey which includes some questions is completed by the patient so it can be evaluated. These practical questions use to judge their cognitive condition as well and so far tells about their functional age. After evaluation of the survey, it becomes clear about any particular procedure and its side effects.


The doctor says that a patient is keen to know about the survival chances or even about the recovery.  Through validation study, patients are categorized for the treatment options. Usually, 5 questions have been included in the assessment survey to further make the things clearer. These questions are practical like:

  1. In the past 6 months, have you ever fallen?
  2. Do you have the ability to take the right and prescribed dose of your medicines at prescribed time?
  3. Do you have any issues with your hearing ability?
  4. Have you reduced your communal activities because of your physical health?
  5. Or due to your emotional health?

It also uses to specify the level of risks involved in any of the treatment options. Risk can be low, intermediate or high. Social support by the family should be said to be the most supportive and essential element and can’t be avoided. The involvement of the family in the whole procedure after analyzing the Breast cancer screening results becomes very significant. It is actually a collective effort which includes family, doctors and most importantly the patient. Still much more is needed to do in this regard but still, things are changing rapidly and more progressively. The participation of the patient in this decision making procedure and especially of the older students is easing the situation for everyone intact with it. This isn’t a magic but a logical way to analyze things so to reach out some concrete results.


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