New Way of Defeating Breast Cancer

When it comes to breast cancer awareness, every individual in general and women, in particular, should be intact with it. This awareness is not just something related to the diagnosis or the risk factor which should be lessened in order to have a distance from breast cancer but also includes the methods which can attack this disease once diagnosed. We certainly listen and read about the several methods top fix the disease.

Scientists have discovered a new technique to attack breast cancer. A new generation of drugs has been found to tackle the disease. A novel type of drug has been designed to avert the growth and development of cancer cells. This is the initial step; further, this new class of inhibitors will be used to select the most affective drug for the clinical trials. It has been discovered during the research that protein called lysyl oxidase, or LOX use to increase the growth and production of breast cancer cells in a body. This protein also uses to spread the breast cancer to the other parts of the body which is very dangerous. As an experiment was done over a mice and it revealed that the growth was so rapid in presence of such protein. To block this particular function of the protein the scientists have made a drug called CCT365623 which in fact a prototype drug. The drug also experimented over the mice and the spreads and growth of barest cancer got some visible decrease after the use of the drug over mice.

The real thing is to understand the function of the drug and the real factor behind its effectiveness. It actually can control the creation of extracellular matrix which holds tissues composed. These matrixes are used by the cancer cells to grow and spread. For the very first time after research, it is revealed that how LOX can be used in a way to control the growth of the tumor in a body. The team exposed that the consequence of LOX depletion in breast cancer cells was a decrease in the external levels of epidermal advancement factor receptor (EGFR), a receptor which is frequently responsible for endorsing cancer development. Therefore LOX is also linked with the bowel, prostate, pancreatic and lung cancer so this treatment would cater a range of treatments. This new research is also a step forward in the voyage of breast cancer awareness.

“We knew that LOX had a role in cancer’s spread round the body, but to discover how it also appears to drive the growth of breast cancer cells is a real game changer. It means that drugs that disrupt LOX’s ability to promote growth signals might be able to slow or block cancer progression in patients – as we saw in mice”, said by Professor Caroline Springer who is the lead researcher.

The research is clearly providing a way forward to avert the breast cancer and even its growth. By attacking the pertinent growing factors of breast cancer more people can be saved and mortality ratio can also be decreased.


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